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Europe Cup Trip Fundraising Ideas and Information

What if we told you there was a way for you to play at the Cup in Europe, and it could cost you NOTHING? Would you say yes?   For years we have successfully advised our athletes on successful strategies to raise money for The Cup trip.  Instead of reinventing the wheel, we have used a formula that gives our athletes an easier way to raise money.  So, congratulations on reaching this far.  You have decided The Cup trip is for you and now you are exploring your options on how to fund this trip.  That is what this page is all about.

Please take a moment and watch the video first, and then read below for more information on the many opportunities we have come up with for you to raise funds so that you and your family do not have to come out of the budget to pay for this extraordinary opportunity.

Introducing The Cup Trip Crowdfunding Solution

Here is one of the easiest and most successful ways to raise money through the people that know you and your desires the best – your family and friends!  With a small amount of support from lots of people, your trip can be completely paid.

We now have a crowdfunding template page that you can use to share the excitement and details of the trip, and literally as easy as the click of a button for them to give you $10, $100, or even $500!  Creating an account is simple, and you can continue to raise money through the year while using the donations to cover your monthly payments.

We’d be happy to assist you in getting your page set up, and once it’s there, you can just text or email the link to everyone.  It never hurts to ask… and you’ll likely be surprised by who says "yes!”

We have found that GoFundMe is an excellent fundraising option, with minimal fees, and we’ve provided a template for you to consider using to start your own.  Just follow the link below.  Reach out to us with any questions and we’ll help you get started!  

It’s not hard to walk up to someone and ask, “I am hoping to travel to Europe to play softball next January. Would you be willing to help and sponsor me? ” Yes, you are going to have to get out of your comfort zone, but given the option to travel to Europe to play ball, wouldn’t you do it?


Because of this and other fundraising opportunities many of our players have attended the trip with zero out-of-pocket. You can too!

So, now that you understand more about how to pay for this trip, and see it’s an attainable goal, the next step is to get your application in. Click below to get started! 

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