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Welcome to “The Cup”

With our yearly European trip, we provide high school athletes the opportunity to learn, play and experience something not many athletes get to do. When you choose to join us and play for “The Cup”, in the game of Fastpitch softball you will have the opportunity to train and compete against some of the World’s best talent and have a once-in-a-lifetime experience at the same time.

We provide an incredible experience that provides life lessons, positive memories and includes you travelling to visit and play in Europe for “The Cup” to represent yourself and your country!

Listen To Kirt Whiteside, Founder About Why He Started “The Cup”

Girls Fastpitch Tournament


Travel Arrangements

Introducing Our Cup Teams! 

For our travel arrangements, we have created what we call the North American Select Team or as we refer to it, the NAST. The NAST, for All Cup Trips, delights itself in representing The United States with great athletes, as well as great people, and providing a great experience for all.  Because of the past support for this event, participation levels are tremendous. For each Cup Trip, we plan on taking up to 8 teams of 9 athletes, and 70+ Adults. Each athlete is afforded the opportunity to invite who they wish as a chaperone (parent, sibling, etc.) to accompany them on this trip.

The Cup. staff handles everything from the flights, hotels, motor coaches, metro and tram passes for touring, uniform tops, etc. Lunches and dinners are generally on your own, with your family and teammates – the options are virtually endless!

The 2024 teams are already being formed now, and we have even begun adding athletes for Cup 2025. If you have the desire to play internationally, have the heart to give it all, outstanding social skills, and are a talented fastpitch softball athlete – whether in college or high school, contact us!


Video interviews from former Cup athletes

Brittany & Manon Interview


An interview with two players, Brittany and Manon. Manon has played in The Cup 6 times!! Listen to their story and how great of an experience this trip was for them.

Macy Cantrell Interview


An Interview with Cup player Macy Cantrell. Listen to her talk about her experience and why she would go on the trip again in a heartbeat!

Tylah Remeley Interview


Three timeCup player, Tylah Remeley, talking about her experiences on the trip!

Tori Ward Interview


Watch an interview with Tori Ward on her Cup experience.

Europe Softball Cup Trip

What if I don’t play softball? Can I still travel on The Cup trip?

We allow friends & non-family of Cup Athletes, as well as past Cup trip members, softball fans, and anyone who wishes to go on this adventure and travel with us (of course, anyone under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult)!

We've had quite a few past Cup parents ask if they could travel with us again because they enjoyed the trip so much! In fact, they still have a desire to watch some games, but plan on spending the majority of their time trekking across the Netherlands, Belgium, France, and even England. If this sounds like something you'd enjoy and you have a great attitude and get along well with others, please contact us by email so we can get you on board!

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