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The next Cup will be held From January 17 – 19, 2025 once again in historic Schiedam, The Netherlands.  Sixteen teams will play 48 games in 3 days.

This tournament brings some of the highest level of international athletes, including current and former Olympians, and is a place to not only to compete against elite talent from different countries, but a place you can grow your game, as well as make some life-long friends!


Are You Ready?

For over 25 years, The Cup has provided motivated High School fastpitch softball athletes with the unique opportunity to learn, play and experience a new level of softball – and against professional athletes.

As good as you are, you will become better!


If you qualify to join us and play for “The Cup”, you will have the opportunity to train and compete against some of the World’s Best Talent and have a once-in-a-lifetime experience at the same time.

Our goal each year is to assemble outstanding talent that will also represent our team and our country, while also allowing you to experience the beautiful sights of The Netherlands and Paris.


We will provide you with an incredible experience that will leave you with life lessons, life-long friends, and the incredible opportunity to visit and play in fastpitch softball in Europe while representing your country!


Selected athletes (and their families) will join our seasoned staff on an eight-day adventure beginning with the most prestigious indoor fastpitch softball tournament in the world, followed by touring the City of Love… Paris. On this trip, you will create memories that will truly last a lifetime.

Do you have what it takes?


Play against countries all over the world!


What Can You Expect From The Cup 2024 Experience?


Position Training

Get personalized 1:1 coaching from certified training experts and improve your game


International Competition

Play against some of the World's best players and build your resume


Decision Making

You will learn how to make quicker, better, and smarter in-game decisions and build better skills for yourself


Personal Challenge

Have the support of our coaches & trainers who believe in your success while challenging yourself to be and play great


Resume Builder

Looking to separate your college resume from the others? By being selected for The Cup Team, you will show colleges that you have what it takes to succeed in a college program


Trip Of A Lifetime

You will have the opportunity to train and compete against some of the World’s Best Talent and have a once in a lifetime experience at the same time.

We are looking for elite athletes to join our team. Are you one of them?

Connect with us today to learn more! 

What Past Players Say

See why our players proclaim that this is the BEST trip they have ever taken!


Shary Taylor Gentry

The Cup Player

The Cup was a terrific experience for Ali as a person and a ball player -- and for John and me as parents and spectators. We loved exploring Paris, Amsterdam, and Rotterdam, getting to see players from across Europe, and meeting families from across America. Indoor softball was wild:) Kirt's warmth, humor, and sportsmanship were incredible. Monte was kind and fun as a coach. Avengers kicked butt. EVERYTHING was amazing. Thank you!


Please listen to this short video. If you have the heart to give it your all, the desire to play and travel internationally, and the ability to build relationships, then this trip is for YOU! Apply today to see if you qualify.

We are looking for athletes who love the game! We want passionate elite players who are looking for opportunities and are open to new experiences. You have to be willing to make new friends and memories and step out of your comfort zone a little.


Being a talented player is great — but having a positive attitude is key. We are seeking high energy individuals with an optimistic outlook to join our team. Are you ready? Complete your application now and let's talk.


We consider a wide range of factors in selecting our players, relying in part on our coaches to vet athletes on their skills, position/utility, communication, and even personality.  We are representing our country in Europe and take great pride in sharing this experience with well-rounded athletes.

How Do We Select Our Players?

We are seeking a few high-energy individuals with an optimistic outlook who want to…



But then, in 1996, we had an idea. As a blended family of Europeans and Americans (Mom Whiteside is from The Netherlands) we experimented with a softball tournament we named ‘the Cup’. With our family and friends scattered throughout Europe, we chose to hold the first one in Lyon, France. We created a French team of high school-aged women playing softball.


Meet The Whitesides

Through the years, we led clinics and tournaments and made so many friends that our softball circle was a large family. After my daughters grew up, married, and started their own families, we all continued to support young athletes and continue on our Queen of Diamonds tournaments in the US.

While raising our daughters in central Ohio in the ’80s and early ’90s, one thing was very clear – they loved softball almost as much as I enjoyed coaching. We quickly created return nets in our barns to practice even when it was too cold or snowy to play. Many families wanted their daughters to practice all year with us too and we opened up our meager indoor areas to anyone who loved to play.

Now, after more than 25 years and hundreds of positive success stories, we want YOU to be the next!



I've been a part of "The Q Sport" Staff since 2008 where I began coaching in the Queen of Diamond events and then I'm 2010 going on this AWESOME trip when my oldest daughter played in "The Cup". I've continued each year since 2010 as a head coach in The Cup.

My youngest daughter participated in 2014. Both my daughters said "this was an experience of a lifetime" both referring to a trip that we probably would have never made with out The Cup. Both talking about both the softball experience and personal experience of meeting new people and continuing to be friends with them still today.


Read and Hear What Players Just
Like You Are Saying About Us

Marjolein Merkx

Marjolein will help you understand by joining us on the Cup Trip how you can improve your game, refine your skills, and really benefit from this 5-Star Experience!

Rhonda Norby


“Two weeks ago Anna and I embarked on the trip of a lifetime. Participating in International Cup 2018 was an incredible experience for both me as a parent and Anna as a player.

Playing Fastpitch softball against international teams, meeting and making friends with wonderful families/players, making future connections, and getting to experience Amsterdam and Paris were all part of a jam-packed week that we will never forget. We encourage all young ladies who love the game to consider participating in future Cup events. It is worth every penny!”

Please know that there is a per traveler fee in 2024 of $4250; however, we will show you how to bring this down to ZERO Out-Of-Pocket. Just as so many others have done before you. We have proven fundraising opportunities available to help a player.

The travel fee includes almost everything on your trip… Your airfare, hotels, transportation, and uniforms. All of this will be handled by our exclusive White Glove Travel Team. Every year, we strive to make this experience as easy and accessible as possible. A few evenings of dinners and some snacks is all you really need to plan to have extra. The rest is covered!

We have numerous fundraising opportunities we have developed over the past 20+ years that can we can quickly show you how our athletes and family can make this trip with ZERO out of pocket and/or family budget.

We have found over and over again that these fundraising opportunities reduce your stress and will allow ANYONE with a little drive and motivation to have the opportunity to join us for the Cup!

Watch and hear from another past player on why you should apply and join us on the next trip!


Apply For Your Interview


Commit To


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Travel &


Frequently asked questions

Here are a few of the FAQ's - We will supply you with a whole lot more once we receive your application.

  • What if I don’t play softball? Can I still travel on The Cup trip?
    We allow friends & non-family of Cup Athletes, as well as past Cup trip members, softball fans, and anyone who wishes to go on this adventure and travel with us (of course, anyone under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult)!
  • Where is the Cup held?
    In the Netherlands, in Schiedam (a town near Rotterdam).
  • Why the Netherlands?
    The Netherlands is the heart of fastpitch softball in Europe – between Italy and the Netherlands these are the two countries that have the highest ‘world’ ranking amongst all European nations.
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